Homeowner Testimonials

"Our last summer renter left Friday, and we want to thank you for a succcessful season!  Each family was nicer than the next -- one even left us a thank you gift! We really appreciate all your help -- having people who appreciate your home and take good care of it is vital, and your website seems to attract only the best.  Your staff were so helpful getting us started and walking us through the process.  We have nothing but accolades for your well run business that offers more than a personal touch.  Please feel free to use our names/sentiments in any testimonials of satisfied homeowners."
-- Sharon and Paul Jones, Osterville, MA

"You should be proud of what you do! It's a very valuable service, and I'm a happy client. I feel that I should write you a thank you note every year. I'm doing MUCH better using your website than I ever did using real estate agents. Plus I get to talk to the prospective tenants which is good for everyone. Thanks so much! I'm always happy to recommend you."
-- Alice S., Wellfleet, MA 

"Outstanding customer service! WeNeedaVacation.com got our house rented for the whole summer in a matter of weeks. We are extremely pleased." 
--  Lynn McGarvey, Dennis, MA

"Just wanted to let you know that I'm fully booked for the summer, all through your site. Thank you for designing and maintaining a site that is easy for a non-technical owner, and apparently easy and worthwhile for potential tenants!"
-- Nadine K., Falmouth, MA

"Your website is absolutely the best. It is extremely user friendly, and you seem to have an intuition into the needs of both homeowner and tenant.  I have heard great things about your site from every potential and actual tenant that I come into contact with.  Your staff has helped me on many, many occasions with everything from seasonal leases to advice on how to design the listing. Thank you, all of you at weneedavacation.com, for your time and special attention. You make the website the success that it is. KUDOS!"
-- Deborah Ewald, Falmouth, MA

"You have done a wonderful job of developing your business. Your website has become part of the Cape and Islands rental business lexicon." 
-- Jeff Lynner, Eastham, MA

"We are now fully booked for 2009, and have come to rely on your site for drawing additional attention to our property. This seems especially important amid this economic environment. Keep up the good work."
-- Jim & Karen Coyne, Nantucket, MA

"We truly want to thank you for your fantastic website!  Our little 3 br 2 bath home in Chatham was 80% rented by the end of January for the summer of 2009!   Given the current economy, I can't really explain this, other than to say your user friendly website is currently seeing a lot of local traffic!  Many thanks.   Guaranteed this will be our second of many happy years to come with Weneedavacation.com. Keep up the great work!"
-- John & Maureen Hillier, Chatham, MA

"We exceeded our rental goals for our first year, we managed all the bookings ourselves, and your site is the only place we listed. So - please let me know if you're looking for listers to provide testimonial quotes." 
-- Jo Schlegel, Falmouth, MA

"This past summer, 13 out of my 14 rentals were through your website. You provide a level of service that I have never gotten from any other website. Becky's photography produced outstanding results.  You people are absolute angels."
-- Alexis Barron, Orleans, MA

"We continue to find that the quality of the traffic generated by WeNeedaVacation.com is much better than that from our other sites. Your site is so easy to use and so attractive as well. Good work!"
-- David P., Nantucket, MA